There’s no denying that hiring a consultant with the necessary knowledge and skill set, can be hugely beneficial to providers. Consultants can provide objectivity, be more cost effective than using in-house personnel, and demonstrate to regulatory bodies such as Ofsted, a real commitment to tackling a problem or difficulty.

Our Consultancy

In line with our mission statement, any consultancy work carried out by Changing Outcomes is designed to be both inspiring and supportive in nature, enabling our clients to establish and maintain outstanding levels of care.

  • Changing Outcomes offers expert advice to organisations that are experiencing difficulties and will formulate easy to follow SMART goals to help overcome them. We also undertake specific projects/tasks such as helping to set up children’s homes, carrying out Ofsted health checks (mock inspections), devising policies and procedures, and formulating systems and processes to improve the quality and efficiency of service delivery.
  • Please be assured, we will only take on contracts/projects that we are able to fulfil and complete to the high standards we set ourselves.

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