A) Absolutely, we aim to work closely alongside our providers and if tailoring our template can help to improve outcomes, we will be more than happy to make the necessary adjustments

A) A minimum of 4 hours will be spent on site for each visit. Subsequent report writing and proof reading will take place before a final copy is sent out to the provider for a factual accuracy check. This will be done within 5 days of the visit.

A) Even outstanding provisions have room for improvement and our attention to detail will highlight any area’s which might not be meeting the Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015, that simply need developing, or which could be amended to improve efficiency.

We understand how damaging and frustrating discussing and/or sharing any aspect of your work with other organisations can be, and we vow never to do it. Professionalism is one of our core values and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a professional and reliable service to all of our clients

It’s all to easy for two parties to enter into an agreement on the back of an enquiry and a quote, and that’s not how we want to operate. We like to get to know our clients first and we like our clients to have complete peace of mind before entering into an agreement with us. We believe the best way to achieve this is to set up face to face consultations. These are no obligatory and provide both parties the perfect opportunity to ask questions and discuss logistics.