Being Approachable and Flexible

We understand the importance of being able to effectively relate and communicate with everyone we have contact with, and will actively go above and beyond what is required to try and ensure this happens. We also recognise that some of the work we undertake is best suited to evenings and weekends. As such, we aspire to be as flexible as possible when it comes to the days and times that we work.

“Every aspect of our work is carried out with the sole purpose of inspiring and supporting services for young people, so that outstanding levels of care can be established and maintained.”

Being Knowledgeable and Diligent

We understand that the services we provide carry a great deal of importance, and come with significant levels of responsibility. For this reason, anyone employed by Changing Outcomes or contracted to do work on our behalf, has managerial experience within a residential setting, and a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes. Furthermore, we adopt a method of triangulation across all aspects of our work, to help ensure that the judgements we make are evidenced based and well informed.

Being Innovative and Driven

Whilst being able to scrutinise information is a key skill, we recognise that it’s our ability to innovate and make recommendations that offers real value to our providers. This is complemented by the passion we have for what we do, and an unrelenting drive to be the best.

Being Professional and Reliable

All of our providers can feel safe in the knowledge that any work that is undertaken will remain strictly confidential, and that the upmost care is taken to ensure data protection. We take pride in honouring our contractual obligations, and take a number of steps to ensure our reliability is not compromised.

Progress doesn't just happen by chance...