Regulation 44


The Children’s Homes (England) Regulations (2015) stipulate that a registered provider must appoint, at the registered provider’s expense, a person (“the independent person”) to visit and report on the children’s home carried on by the registered provider.

Quality Assurance


One of the keys to establishing and maintaining an outstanding children’s home is to have robust systems and processes in place that allow for the smooth running of it. Outstanding provisions will often utilise Regulation 44 visits, internal quality assurance officers, Regulation 45 reports, and weekly/monthly checklists in a bid to achieve this.



There’s no denying that hiring a consultant with the necessary knowledge and skill set can be hugely beneficial to providers. Consultants can provide objectivity, be more cost effective than using in-house personnel, and demonstrate to regulatory bodies such as Ofsted, a real commitment to tackling a problem or difficulty.

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